Fixer Argentina

Macarena Gagliardi

Macarena is a highly experienced producer. Between 2002 and 2014 she was in charge of the BBC’s South American Bureau in Buenos Aires.

In 2009, Macarena took on a new challenge: she founded a new production company and, in 2012, her partner Gert De Saedeleer joined.

Based in Buenos Aires we cover Argentina and the region. We focus on international crews producing traveling programs, documentaries, news, commercials, TV-Shows and radio.

Gert De Saedeleer

Gert speaks four languages fluently and has been living and working  for over 20 years in Buenos Aires. He is a well experienced freelance producer and fixer.

We have a long career making  television and radio packages for international media companies and broadcasters.

And most importantly: We always deliver!